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Reality America continues to unveil it’s first hoodlum president


Obama: once out of office, I’m gonna stop being polite and start getting real

“Recent ex-presidents have avoided controversy. But Obama suggests he’ll embrace it.
(Much the same as he has done while in office.)

“The science is settled” ???

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Leadership Personality Disorder: Malignant Narcissism, Hubris seeking relevance

A sample of the 14 symptoms of hubris syndrome identified by Owen and Davidson include:

  1. Using power for self-glorification;
  2. An almost obsessive focus on personal image;
  3. Excessive self-confidence, accompanied by contempt for advice or criticism of others;
  4. Loss of contact with reality;
  5. Speaking as a messiah;
  6. Reckless and impulsive actions; and
  7. Hubristic incompetence where supreme overconfidence leads to inattention to details.

Hubris syndrome can be related to a number of illnesses, from bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder to alcoholic and drug abuse. Hubristic leaders will deny that they are hubristic, which impedes diagnosis of the problems… Related illnesses such as bipolar disorder, drug addiction, or alcoholism can be red flags for hubris syndrome.

Other symptoms include — conflating yourself with the organization; using the royal ‘we’; believing that a higher court (perhaps God or Allah) will vindicate you; restlessness, recklessness and impulsiveness; and a righteousness that ignores practicalities or cost — are unique to the hubris syndrome.


If you don’t know me by nowI’m (still) your puppet

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