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“the Laws of Nature and the substance of what is right and good – has received the name Reason”


Nevertheless… If you can tell a big enough lie for long enough people will begin to believe it is the truth.

Unsettled Science: A War on Global Warming?

Anthropomorphic Global Warming, conveniently renamed “Climate Change,” reveals itself in nothing short of pushing political agendas in order to perpetuate the most heinous form of cronyism. So, suspend for a moment, all of the government and media propaganda and do some research for yourself.

Consider, how much would a personal ‘household’ sustainable solar/wind network system cost? per month? per year? Will it be dependable? How long will it take to install? How much will it cost, and how long before you get an actual return on your investment in such a system? Will it be months, years, or decades? How long would such a system actually last before it needed to be upgraded, repaired or fully replaced? What would be the added cost to insure such a system?

Now, let’s take a look at “Climate Change.” What science has been settled exactly? Doesn’t climate historically change, seasonally, and cyclically, and further depends on uncontrollable short and long-term environmental events, (e.g, solar events, and levels of volcanic activity, etc.)? (See: Solar variability and the Earth’s climate)

Certainly industry does pollute the planet, but moving it from one location or one type to another logically does very little to correct the problem. Why isn’t a ‘high tech’ solution being applied to vastly improve, and modernize existing energy infrastructures or redesign and construct them for optimum performance? Is it lack of technical capability? Or is it just not ideologically feasible, at the moment, or when it comes down to replenishing both political coffers and power structures. (For example, (See: Obama Admin Sues Peter Thiel’s Palantir for Bogus ‘Racial Discrimination’)

How about Wind and Solar “sustainable” systems? How much do they actually cost to install and maintain? Why do these “business models’ fail so miserably without any government (i.e. taxpayer) subsidies? (See: List of Failed – Green Energy & Solar Companies in the Billions) What is the actual “return on investment” for ‘preferred’ residential-based systems, or for that matter, industry level infrastructures, (many of which, at present are being poorly maintained)?

In theory the concept of these systems are commendable, in reality they have not been economically feasible due to various reasons. Specifically politically and regulatory.  Off-grid lifestyles may be nice, but are they feasible for the average household? What has governmental regulation and an agenda-driven push to eliminate affordable energy and replace it with something else really done to reduce the actual consumer cost of energy, just in say, the last ten years or so? What has been the overall impact of relentless efforts and regulations aimed at crushing the oil and gas industry and waging war on the coal industry? Consider also, the hidden costs of producing and using ethanol and other synfuels (See: The Trouble with Tier 3 , and  EPA Finalizes Tier 3 Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards .)

Certainly we have observed and are now experiencing such conditions as they apply to those inconvenient issues and problems that are occurring with ‘clean energy‘, like nuclear power systems which are coming up on, or have in some cases exceeded the half a century mark in operation. Also, not forgetting the ‘environmentally friendly‘ waste disposal problem (See: Nuclear Waste Storage Sites in Rock Salt May be More Vulnerable Than Previously Thought.) Indeed, the same type of philosophy, agenda and propaganda was used to give humanity, the next best thing ever.

Whatever your belief in Global Warming, now known as “Climate Change,” consider if it is based more on propaganda, policy-driven testimonials,  the The Forer (Barnum) Effect, and mass media hype than on valid, repeatable scientific study.

The Barnum effect is named after P.T. Barnum, the showman who declared “there¹s a sucker born every minute.” He found many ways to separate “suckers”, as he called gullible people, from their money. In psychology it refers to the gullibility of people when reading descriptions of themselves.

Perhaps this is just another form of economic vampirism as it seeks to feed off of the ideologies of gullible people in what is now called, global climate change.

The truth is out there.”  (We simply need to be brave enough to discover it and use it for our survival.)


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