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Thought Crimes and The Distraction of Grasping at Beards


Yes, with all that’s going on in the world, the media continues to propagandize this like it is real news.

 Meanwhile, The Washington Examiner  continues to ride the cameltoe as “A CNN anchor was left visibly shocked Tuesday after Ben Carson suggested that part of the problem with the scandal surrounding lewd comments Donald Trump (privately) made in 2005 is that journalists aren’t more familiar with that kind of language.”

The idea that women aren’t familiar with frank sexual talk is bunk. There were 27 million copies of 50 Shades of Grey sold in the US, to a demographic tilted heavily to women. It wasn’t Girl Scouts buying it. Besides, there’s a whole generation that learned what oral sex (and off-label uses of cigars) was from Bill Clinton’s escapades… That generation is now old enough to vote.

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The Urban Dictionary’s definition of beard

A common word used to address a homosexual’s female friend who he takes around town; he normally calls this companion his “girlfriend” to prove to the world that he is a masculine, football watching, titty/(pussy) grabbing heterosexual male. Although, he may think that this so called ‘image’ is working, he’s actually fooling himself. It’s completely obvious to on-lookers that he is a flamboyant homo. Gayer than a chihuahua in pink shades.

‘Maybe that’s the problem’

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