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Case in Point – More media-driven drivel (or something)


As Republican campaign headquarters are being vandalized and firebombed, and where wilful violence and riots are being instigated by the opposing socialist democratic party and their present folks in the white house, The AP lead with a (post-debate) story that will be carried across much of America’s newspaper this morning:

Threatening to upend a fundamental pillar of American democracy, Donald Trump refused to say Wednesday night that he will accept the results of next month’s election if he loses to Hillary Clinton. The Democratic nominee declared Trump’s resistance “horrifying.”Trump’s assertions raise the prospect that millions of his supporters may not accept the results on Nov. 8 if he loses, thrusting the nation into uncharted territory. Free and fair elections, with the vanquished peacefully stepping aside for the victor, have been the underpinning of America’s democratic tradition since the country’s founding 240 years ago. (Except maybe when democrats Al Gore and Al Franken previously did it.)

[Perhaps more accurate analogies to the question posed could be, “If you were to get raped at some point in the future, will you agree in advance to keep your mouth shut about it?” Or, asking an athlete before he runs a race if he would please affirm now that no cheating took place, and that the contest had been fairly judged by race officials?]

Read more at Zero Hedge

The Morning After: What All Newspapers Are Leading With After Last Night’s Debate

What we have here is side-stepping and distracting from real issues like ….

WTF’ Moment at 3rd Presidential Debate: Hillary Gives Away Time it Takes for US Nuclear Response

This four-minute figure may be “out there,” but it’s certainly alarming how casually Hillary Clinton talks about sensitive matters of national security.

Almost as sloppy as hosting a private server without government security and transmitting classified and sensitive material via email.

Nevertheless, let’s deal with a distraction that some consider far more important… like, Kerry: ‘It Pisses Me Off’ That Climate Change Got Left Out of Presidential Debates

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