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Extreme Socialized Medicine – Venezuelan Style


This should serve as  a sensitive barometer of how bad it is relative to the outside world. As an indicator, it’s like the proverbial dead canary in the mine.

(Outbreak News Today) The crisis in Venezuela is immense with skyrocketing inflation rates, food and medicine shortages and incredible violence and civil unrest. The health care crisis has showed us hospitals with no supplies, a lack of running water and electricity, a malaria epidemic and the resurgence of diphtheria after 24 years…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For a closer look at the health care tragedy in the socialist country, Leopoldo Villegas. MD joined me a an in-depth interview on a myriad of topics.  Dr Villegas is a Venezuelan trained physician, a senior international health adviser, an infectious disease expert and a former advisor to the Venezuelan Ministry of Health.

While based in the US, Dr Villegas has daily  conversations with contacts in Venezuela concerning the state of health care.

LISTEN to the interview below:

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Posted by Robert Herriman on October 28, 2016

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Flashback – December 28, 2013

Over 3,000 Cuban doctors defected from Venezuela in 2013
Most Cuban doctors defecting to the US over the last 12 months came from Venezuela

( Over the last 12 months some 3,000 Cubans, mostly doctors, have arrived in the United States after deserting one of the Venezuelan government’s social programs they staff. This accounts for a 60% increase as compared with 2012.

In 2012 there were about 5,000 refugee Cuban doctors and nurses in the United States coming from all over the world. Through December 1, 2013 this figure had surged to 8,000, 98% of them came from Venezuela.

These are estimates by Dr. Julio Cesar Alfonso, head of the South Florida group Solidarity Without Borders Inc. (SWB), which helps Cuban medical professionals who try to desert the medical programs Havana sells worldwide as “exports of services.”

Venezuela hosts the largest contingent of Cuban medical professionals under the cooperation agreement signed by Caracas and Havana in 2003.

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