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The Legacy vs Production – Hope and Changing of Job Quality and the American Way


The vast majority of new non-government jobs over the past several years have been part time and minimum wage jobs, requiring little or no level of experience (thus, somewhat mimicking the plethora of many inept high paying government emplacement jobs). It doesn’t take a flock of Ivy league government-peer economists to gaze into the crystal ball of local communities to discover real solutions to such problems.  A simple drive through of these bastions of  social-democratic successes would suffice, but that is no longer exactly prudent for one’s health or safety (at least nowadays).

For instance, approximately 70,000 or more factories in the USA have been shuttered (this was not due entirely to automation and/or advances in technology. In fact, that normally should generate new jobs and advance skill sets that could be well compensated and compete with the foreign competition). Seemingly, to the self- entitled, privileged political class, the quantities, and the impact it has on generating new levels of the under and unemployed just isn’t all that important or relevant, especially if increases the level of moderate intensity corruption that further aids and pads their own wallets and/or reinforces their legacies at others expense.

There has always been economic booms and busts, and a slew of crony carpetbaggers that take advantage of the hardships that result; however, especially now, far too many individuals and families have been, and are being forced to work 2-3 jobs. Nevertheless, if some happen to be imported, and ‘entitled’ enough, they will also receive relatively ‘free‘ subsistence from a government that regulates, penalizes and taxes those otherwise ‘privileged‘ enough to have small businesses or ‘good‘ higher-level jobs (that is until they can be fully replaced or outsourced by less experienced underpaid overseas assets). Yet these ‘core‘ families, so important to America’s economic successes, are still unable to fully make ends meet because of the senseless bureaucratic ‘penalties and taxes‘ imposed upon them by their government.

Now consider this, 5% of America’s workforce is made up of illegal aliens and the BLS claims the unemployment rate is at 5%. Also there were 8 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. working or looking for work in 2014, and now there are at least 94,708,000: Record Number of Americans Not in Labor ForceGo figure.

One may ask, “how many of the political class or their immediate families have actually experienced repossessions, evictions or homelessness?” Perhaps this is the real reason they do not relate well to the constituents they tend to see only as political tools or ‘deplorable‘ serfs.

So, who is actually profiting from all this failure and misery?  Follow the Circus of Distractions.

Oh. and lest they forget, one can easily lose their head by insisting we all ‘eat cake‘.

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