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‘We won’ vs ‘I won’


Blake’s Ode To the Common Man, by the Common Man


You know what?

I was incredibly depressed on election day.  I was pretty sure Clinton was going to win and our country was going to finally be over.  The Constitution would have a match put to it, and Hillary would have completed what Obama started as far as the “transformation of America”.  In four years no one would be able to recognize the land of liberty.

In four years the first and second amendment would have been “modified” to the point of being pointless.  Our taxes were certain to have been raised.  Obamas’ refugees would be overflowing in our streets (not that they aren’t already).  Police officers would have to hire politically correct protection.  Our military would continue to be diminished.  Political correctness would replace common sense completely.

But this didn’t happen.  Enough of us who have had enough of Obama came out and took to the polls.  I will tell you; I almost felt like breaking and burning stuff when Obama was elected and then re-elected.  I felt like rioting when Obama Care was passed without any representation from ANYONE on the right.  I bit my lip.

But, I did not go out and break other people’s things and burn their property.  Why?  Well, a long time ago it was instilled into me that it was wrong to do these things.  I feel it’s wrong to do these things even today.  We do not riot. We do not “protest.”

I have a pretty good idea where these “folks” are getting their marching orders from. And it’s not the U.S. Constitution.

One thing that really disappoints me is the lack of response from Obama.  As President of the United States he should take to TV and explain to these people that this is wrong.  He should explain how the rioting is only hurting innocent people and how it also hurts those who are acting like a bunch of nut-cases in the streets.  Nothing good will come of it.

Other people—-like me, or you—-we will therefore not listen to the arguments of these “activists” with compassion or care.  All that this sort of violent activity is accomplishing is angering people like us. It confirms to us that our decision to elect President Elect Trump was the right decision.

The hell of it is, that all this violence and intolerance’s is EXACTLY what the rioters are supposedly protesting against!

If Obama were a character on Star Trek, I can hear him say “Damn it Jim, I’m a Community Organizer, not the President!!!!”

Beam me up Scotty.

[Byline Blake Williams]

November 10, 2016
Canada Free Press


The regime’s propaganda machine, in its perverse understanding of society, has deliberately considered what weaknesses in human nature can be ferreted out to serve as a basis for the systematic influencing of people’s minds and the propagation of its doctrine of despotism. — A. M. Meerloo, M.D.

 Flashback – 23 September 2016

Who Is Behind The Riots? Charlotte Police Says 70% Of Arrested Protesters Had Out Of State IDs

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