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A few words of caution


For the sake of mankind, I hope the 21st century will be known as the Failure of Government.  Governments everywhere must be downsized if not completely dismantled and eliminated.

Whether government is eliminated completely or put back into a box (and a very small one at that) is not worth speculating on.  The point is that the fate of civilization requires the rethinking and resizing of government.  The mafia types who now rule will fight such attempts with all their might.  Preservation of their fiefdoms ensures their wealth, which is possible only by taking it from the rest of society.

Al Capone had no conscience.  Nor do those inhabiting the parasite class we euphemistically refer to as the “political class” or “our leaders.”  Most of us will not be around to see how this battle for civilization ends.  However, if I could cast a vote, it would be the following: I don’t want to be led; I want to be left alone!

History reveals that the quality of our political class deteriorates over time.  Anyone who enters politics does so as a despicable person or a naive one.  Regardless, all who spend any time in politics become corrupted and despicable.

–Monty Pelerin, via American Thinker

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