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Poetic justice trumps political irony…


Report: Obama Justice Dept. Insiders “Terrified”…

Poetic justice

Poetic justice – Now, “You’re gonna be ruled by the man” Image credit:

On Election Day (11/4/08) two members of the hate group the New Black Panthers were charged with intimidating voters outside a Philadelphia polling place. In May, 2009, Obama’s DOJ under Eric Holder dropped all charges.

poetic justice

: an outcome in which vice is punished and virtue rewarded usually in a manner peculiarly or ironically appropriate.

: a result or occurrence that seems proper because someone who has done bad things to other people is being harmed or punished.

A report in the Huffington Post outlines some tremors within the activist civil rights division of the Department of Justice following the election.

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Political irony

Political irony is a sense of oppositeness or contrast in speech or writing that is related to politics. 

related to a secondary definition of irony, where the word is used to describe an outcome that is contradictory to what is expected.

Appointment Flashback

“Perhaps the greatest strength of the United States is the diversity of its people … But an (ignorant, misinformed, negatively manipulated) and ultimately misunderstood diversity can become a divisive force (that is easily manipulated). ” ~Eric Holder  [emphasis added]


Eric Holder is a black nationalist radical and was an Obama appointed Attorney General making him The United States’ highest-ranking law enforcement official. He is recently known for the infamous “Fast and Furious” Mexican gun running scandal, which the Obama administration hoped to use to hobble 2nd Amendment rights for American citizen’s and further implement it’s oppressive gun-control agenda.

When Holder was a student at Columbia University, he was a militant and proudly participated in an armed occupation and take-over of facilities by the Black Nationalist groups of which he was a ranking member .



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 An Activist to the End

As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office

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