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The end is near: Headlines for Another of Obama’s Torturous and Despicable Weeks as America’s President


Time left until Obama leaves office


A continuous record of the White House and its administration

 The Obama Administration: Year Eight

Obama’s Four Hundred and Fifth Week in Office

News and Notes:   Are You Better Off Than 8 Years Ago?…Ronald Reagan

  Video/Audio of the moment:  Nobody Believes You, Doctor’ — Tucker Carlson SPANKS Obamacare Architect With Facts, Logic


It’s 3am and nobody’s there

Obama tells world ‘My vision’s right,’ warns of dangers of Trump’s populism


Jason Chaffetz: We Aren’t Done With Hillary Yet


Texas judge blocks administration’s union ‘persuader rule’

Obama’s Bad Iran Deal

In Clear Signal to Iran, ‘Lame Duck’ House Passes Sanctions Legislation With Overwhelming Support

Obama and the IRS

New Documents Reveal Top Obama IRS Official Admitted Cincinnati Office Targeted Office Targeted Groups Based on ‘Guilt by Association’

Obama Amnesty

 U.S. Open Border Policy Creates Crisis, Detention Centers Maxed Out as Numbers Climb

Obama and Agenda 21

Obama to block new Arctic drilling

Obama vs the US Military

White House agrees with Navy plan to scrap job titles

VA Death Panel

VA Exec Who Ran Sketchy Charity Allowed To Retire With Full Benefits


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