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No more years!


That’s the way it was, 14 October 2015 and even now.

A narcissistic and delusional Obama boasts he could coast to third term as president

It appeared Obama actually believed voters would re-elect him if given the chance.

Comparing himself to George Washington underscores how highly Obama regards his own record, which he is increasingly highlighting as the end of his term nears.

Excerpt, The Washington Times (Edited)

And so here we observe that “if one adheres to an ideology that teaches that you are singled out by society for unfair treatment because of something you are born with or perceive you are entitled to, the only thing you will learn from your failure is to cling to your failure ideology more tenaciously.”

Then there are times an analogy can be a far more accurate and appropriate form of communication.

“To Insanity and Beyond”

“To Insanity and Beyond”

Analogy: Manure Spreader – An accurate pictorial representation of Obama’s Legacy

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