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News Flash! We’re Being Played – Media’s psychic driving continues…


The true ruling powers of any country are those who most successfully manipulate the “organized habits and opinions of the masses” as Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays says.  Once you understand the rules for rulers, you know that they can do nothing without keeping those who hold the keys to power on their side.  And they in turn can do nothing without the consent and agreement of those below them. And propaganda plays a critical role in securing and maintaining that loyalty and consent.

While generally not talked about in polite company, the art and science of social control has been faithfully advanced and deployed to sell you a lot more than shoes and soda.

The science of social control, especially what the crowds are thinking and doing, while still imperfect, has come a very long way over the past 90 years.

Here’s an example picked up very recently by member mememonkey that I thought fascinating:

While playing a video feed of Ronald Reagan being shot by Hinkley, CNN was displaying text below that reads “TRUMP FACES BACKLASH…”  Blunt. Crude. Effective.

Now, by this time it hopefully does not take a genius to see what sort of message is being sold here. What exactly the Reagan assassination attempt has to do with Trump ditching reporters is entirely unclear from the image and text placement. Heck, it’s not even clear once they try and explain it. But the inference is crystal clear: assassination might just be ‘fair game’ as a form of backlash?

A traumatic event is being used to reinforce a message. That’s a covert-traumatic ploy that’s a proven winner.  If it didn’t work, then it wouldn’t be used.  But here it is, and you need to be aware that such scripts are running nearly all the time in the marketplace not just of products, but of ideas.

Now this isn’t some tin-foil hat wearing theory. It’s the very essence of advertising and propaganda.  Once you notice it, you’ll see it everywhere and if you are like me, it will annoy you with its brazen obviousness.  “How can this work?” you will wonder.

As greater advances have been made in the fields of social control, cognitive processing, and neurology the ‘tools of the trade’ have become ever more sophisticated.

You need to be aware of the idea that not only are these subtle influences bombarding us all the time, but they are increasingly effective.  If you are not aware, then you run the risk of having your ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions essentially provided for you by someone else.

Excerpt from We’re Being PlayedSubmitted by Chris Martenson via, via Zero Hedge
19 November 2016

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