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INSANITY is greatly on the increase in the most highly civilized Western countries. It affects all classes but is more highly prevalent among the educated and refined, the leisurely and the well-to-do than among the lowly. Many of the most brilliant minds have become, practically without warning, unbalanced, and, strange as it may sound, many great names in history, and many well known living characters, for all their powers, their learning and reputation, could not pass an inquirendo de lunatico.

Examined from a medical standpoint it is certain that many of the great movements in history could only have been inspired by madness, — madness which afflicted whole populations during centuries… with numberless other delusions and hallucinations which have overpowered the normal mentalities of masses of people, including the virtuous and intelligent as well as the weak, the wicked and the ignorant. How about any man or set of men who would persecute others for opinion’s sake? Are they sane or insane?

It is astonishing, once an investigation is begun, to see what monstrous beliefs and conduct have passed current not merely as sane, but as holy and ordained of Deity. One does not need to linger with pious reprobation over the bloody and licentious rites of many of the old Pagan faiths. He can find modern instances a-plenty of subjects so sanctified by universal hallucination that he who questioned their equity, their justice, their sanity, was himself regarded and treated as insane — as dangerously insane. Instance human slavery; instance the “divine right of Kings;” instance the “divine rights” once exercised for centuries, and still claimed by the Roman Hierarchy; instance the Lordship exercised and claimed by the male man over his female counter-part; instance the actual prevalence of the divine rights of property over the rights of humanity; instance vivisection in principle as well as in practice; instance the final argument of States as well as individuals that “might makes right.” Are these beliefs and practices, and countless others which will occur to any man upon reflection — are they evidences of sanity or of mental and moral perversion?

Whether we name it revelation or possession or obsession, delusion, hallucination, or whatnot, our language and our history are full of evidences that men’s minds are subject to strange influences, the nature of which is not understood even by the most profound students. Ranging all the way from individual aberration on some one point or subject to complete derangement of all the psychological faculties, from the temporary to the chronic, from rare cases to the engulfment of whole populations, it remains that to-day as always, insanity is a baffling mystery indeed, however much has been achieved in the segregation, the treatment and care of the unbalanced.

The Psychology of Insanity (1928)

There is still however, questionable levels of success in the outcomes of treatment and care of those unbalanced.

Organizing Chaos

Excerpt from chapter 1 of Edward Bernays’ book Propaganda (1928)

From We’re Being PlayedSubmitted by Chris Martenson via, via Zero Hedge

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