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Migration (e.g. Colonization) Solutions, or not


China has constructed numerous cities that remain unpopulated.  Russia has vast swaths of land in Siberia. Why not send the hordes of Islamic migrants there?  Perhaps, politicians there will/can also be encouraged or duped into ignoring voters, if any.

The UN’s António Guterres has said nations have no right to control their borders and that they must instead take in floods of the world’s poorest people. Like Europe and its Union? Surely China and Russia agree with this type of insane philosophy. Not.

Seems, Africa also has vast swaths of rich land, but since they themselves have destroyed much of that, no doubt with the help of NATO (i.e. Libya was destroyed by NATO); it has become the place they want to discard rather than want to improve. Thus, they feel the need to migrate elsewhere and to carry out the same parasitic destruction they used in their homeland.

From all appearances, the UN must be in full agreement with this type of nonsense and insanity, contrary to the sanity of the many other nations it expects to accommodate these destructive hordes of invaders.

See New UN Boss Tells Europe Migration Unstoppable, Says Politicians Should Ignore Voters

Just how many unlawful African immigrants have the open borders of communist and socialist utopias like Cuba and Venezuela received?

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