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A Moral Tail: The Animals held an election …


Dogs, and cats were the primary candidates, and rodents and marsupials were also represented.

Animal voters in a landslide, decided that it was the dogs that barked and crapped the most. So the dogs won the election.

The cats and their supporters were reluctant to concede and proceeded to riot, tear down curtains and spray everything while making terroristic threats against the deciding voter council.

The rodents, whom didn’t do well at all in the election, raised funds to hide their losses, fill their nests and pay for their failed campaign finances as they claimed that some of them might bark and crap too; stirring up anger with the cats and their supporters, they raised funds based on unsubstantiated accusations from several burrows claiming that other players in the animal kingdom had undue influence in the election outcome. In fact, they demanded that any findings in the cat boxes be recounted, conveniently including any recent additions. Without realizing it, the rodents were projecting the very seditious methods previously used in undermining the past two elections won by the cats.

Even though it was virtually unanimous that dogs do bark and crap and while cat’s crap, their meow is not a bark; still, there are many that will not accept this and wear safety pins, or riot, or hide away in their safe spaces, doing silly tricks to protest, just as their masters or owners have trained them.

As for the rodents, they are still pests and when this is all over, many will continue to be trapped by their own greed and/or eaten by the cats and the dogs. Many others in the animal kingdom will shake their heads and tell them, “we told you so.”

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