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Attention all gun-control enthusiasts and extremists….


A new product for the local urban battlefield awaits the review of all liberal government officials, bureaucrats, and administrators. This product has been specifically designed with “the children” in mind.

Mexican boy designs bullet-proof backpack

An 11-year-old Mexican boy who lives in a northern city plagued by drug violence and shootouts has designed a bullet-proof backpack with a GPS tracker and an alarm system.

Juan David Hernandez, who lives in Matamoros on the border with the United States, presented his special school gear at a science fair in the state of Tamaulipas, according to local media.

The bag, which has the words “security backpack” inscribed on the back, weighs five kilograms (11 pounds).

It includes a steel plate to stop projectiles, an emergency alarm, a GPS locator, reflecting lights and a cellphone charger.

“You never know when a stray bullet can hit you or when you can be in the middle of crossfire, which is why I focused on designing something that could protect me and other students from so many shootings,” Hernandez told El Universal newspaper.

He said students in his class have had to drop on the floor as shootouts broke out outside his school.

Hernandez estimates the bag could cost between $48-$72.

24 November 2016
Mexico City (AFP)

If this product sounds like a good idea to exploit for your neighborhoods, cities, communities, jurisdictions, districts, etc. maybe you can pass a law or ordnance, that will force taxpayers to pay for them, and provide free distribution to all the “under-privileged” and “disenfranchised” in need of hugs, lollipops and/or coloring books. Guns for the public can be a thing of the past in your political fiefdom, and this item will insure limited protection from those criminal elements that choose not to abide by such laws, anyway.

Penalties or taxes for free enterprise application,unlawful possession by the privileged, unauthorized, or unassigned users, and illegal criminal possession or use for whatever other reason, can be a real revenue generator for the administration with its own crony distribution network. The black-market dealer can charge whatever the market will bear, and kickbacks will be a lucrative addition to any corrupt politician’s or bureaucrat’s wallet.

Caution is advised – This invention was designed as a free-enterprise product. Unintended use or alteration will likely void the warranty if any. Rainbow colors are not presently available, and may require an up charge, (which can probably be sued for waver if deemed discriminatory by easily offended LGBTQXYZ special interest groups.) Contact manufacture for details.   [Satire applied]

All kidding aside, this a very innovative invention that was designed out of the necessity for personal and community safety. Hopefully it will save many lives as intended, and provide a good income for the young designer/inventor. Thanks Juan David Hernandez for the insight, kids in America would do well to follow in your footsteps.

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

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