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This is not the ‘courageous restraint medal’ you were looking for.


“If my wounds do not shine in the eyes of those who look upon them, they are at least respected by those who know where they were acquired, for a soldier looks better dead in battle than safe in flight.” ~ Miguel de Cervantes. Prologue, Don Quixote Part II (1615).

Compare & Contrast

For those who aren’t completely aware of it, Barack Obama’s Newspeak ‘courageous restraint medal/award’ was fully intended to devalue any actions of Bravery and Valor on the field of battle, and to demean any value of the “Purple Heart’ medal.  Considering it’s creation was the action of a cowardly, piss poor president and his band of metrosexual sycophants, it should be crystal clear.


Insert any photo of Obama poster boi Bradley ‘Chelsea’ Manning’.

Run Away! Just sayin’

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