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LGBT couple treats others as they wish to be treated …


Passenger thrown off flight after confronting Ivanka Trump

(New York Post) “JetBlue kicked a Brooklyn lawyer and his Hunter College professor husband *(homosexual partner) off a plane at JFK on Thursday morning — after he accosted fellow passenger and future first daughter Ivanka Trump right before takeoff. . . . ”

(Dysfunctional lifestyle advocates and social-media whores) Attorney Dan Goldstein, his husband *(homosexual partner) , Matthew Lasner and their toddler were filmed being escorted by security through SFO hours after being removed from their first flight from JFK when Goldstein verbally attacked Ivanka Trump who was on the plane. The gay couple and the child were apparently placed on the next flight. 

Wow, that really must suck.

Socially applied political-correct double standard:  Delta bans a Trump supporter for life for similar behaviorBut, intolerant and rude homosexuals are okay?

These liberal reprobates are the usual suspects. What we see here is another example of LGBT public relations and a staged media-driven propaganda event to expose their pathological agenda. There is no doubt, if the tables were turned these sexual deviants would have you in court and sue for some frivolous accusation of politically-corrected discrimination.

Society has never actually been able to expect sane, rational behavior from those suffering from mainstreamed abnormal psychosis, why should it start now?

Besides, the sword of public shaming now can cut both ways.

* Would calling one member of a LGBTQ couple “husband” not be considered a “heteronormative” thought crime by that irrational segment of a society?


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