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The uneducated, highly educated fifth columnists


America is not fundamentally a democracy. It is a constitutional republic.

One would think top academics, educators, and politicians, especially those that consider themselves knowledgeable of the law, would know what kind of governmental system we have in this country, and teach or practice it accordingly. After all, this is the nation where they not only reside, but teach and work, as well.  Sadly, this is not always the case since such purposeful omissions appear to be precisely part of what is really ‘wrong’ with this nation in the first place?

For instance, some things are too stupid to even give serious consideration, but the following opinion link may be considered as one clear example:

Potential for a bloodless coup isn’t so far-fetched (Opinion)

Many mob instigators and subversive ‘Agent provocateurs’ use coded language that appears to mean one thing to the general population but has an additional, different or more specific resonance for a targeted subgroup usually identified as gullible liberal tools and useful political idiots. This type of communication often falls under the heading of  Dog-whistle politics.  It is characteristically used as a subliminal stimuli that subversive sycophants have been readily psycho-socially programmed to recognize, but fail to fully understand its effects. 

It is no coincidence that many fifth columnists instigators, a.k.a. community organizers or ‘change agents’, are usually granted full protection and immunity against any civil liability or prosecution while their not so bright sycophants end up taking the fall for their incited individual and/or mob behaviors and actions.


U.S. history no longer a requirement for history majors at George Washington University

George Washington University recently changed its requirements for history majors, removing previously key courses for the stated purpose of giving students more flexibility.

The department eliminated requirements in U.S., North American and European history, as well as the foreign language requirement. Thus, it is possible that a student can major in history at GWU without taking a survey course on United States history.

What part of ‘anti-American agenda’ do we not now understand?


A fundamental premise of self-government is that citizens and elected officials are sufficiently informed to make sound decisions about public policy. To satisfy this condition, it is necessary that government agencies provide accurate and timely data about their activities in a manner that is accessible and understandable to the average citizen. ~ Cato Institute – Why Financial Transparency Matters

Trends in American Public Schooling Since 1970

Trends in American Public Schooling Since 1970. Image: Cato Institute – Why Financial Transparency Matters

Alas, there are even those whom capitalize on divisive ideologies in order to delude others into celebrating their insanely invented self-serving holidays.

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