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There are harsh and severe penalties for collecting rain water in some places.


But for inept polluting and outright destruction of pristine waterways and natural habitats by the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency, not so much.  EPA: 540 tons of metals entered river in Colo. mine spill (AP)

The the purpose of the EPA is to clean up pollution, but it has justified its existence by creating numerous problems requiring billions in taxpayer dollars to ‘solve’.  Apparently, toxic pollutants are also a terrible thing to waste.

We all want a healthy environment, abundant recreation, and safe, vibrant communities… but distant, out of touch, unaccountable federal bureaucracy is blocking public access, increasing wildfires, destroying our environment, and decimating communities. 


Federally Controlled Land Map. Image: American Lands Council

Washington Times (Edited) The Environmental Protection Agency has spent millions of dollars over the last decade on military-style weapons to arm its 200 “special agents” to fight environmental crime (that mostly the agency itself commits).

Every once in a while, somebody has to get the bureaucracy by the neck and shake it loose and say, ‘Stop what your doing!’ ” ~ Ronald Reagan


Letter to the Editor Predicted EPA spill one week BEFORE it happened
EPA’s Gina McCarthy Who Boasts of Beating the Rule of Law
Outed by FOIA – EPA strategy memo reveals deep flaws in the integrity of the agency, and lack of integrity of the press
EPA spends millions on military-style weapons, watchdog group reports
The EPA Spill In Colorado Was Completely Preventable (without armaments)
EPA Administrator: ‘We Rock’ at Writing Rules (actually doing our job, not so much)

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