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Wait there’s more . . . Skeletons in the closet


FBI: Valerie Jarrett’s father was in communication with Soviet agent who was charged with espionage and fled the U.S.

The startling connection between Loretta Fuddy’s Islamic cult SUBUD network and twentieth-century Soviet spy rings is only the latest revelation to paint an increasingly troubling picture of President Obama.

Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s must trusted and influential adviser, is the product of Soviet communist espionage roots.

FBI files show that the father of senior Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was in communication with paid Soviet agent Alfred Stern. Stern was charged with espionage and fled to Prague.

Declassified FBI files, obtained under FOIA by Judicial Watch, reveal that the father, the maternal grandfather, and the father-in-law of President Obama’s closest adviser Valerie Jarrett “were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.”

Valerie Jarrett’s grandfather Robert Taylor and Soviet spy Alfred Stern worked as business partners in low-income housing. Valerie Jarrett carried on this family business tradition. Valerie earned the moniker “slumlord after she became ensnared in several Chicago public/private low-income housing scandals.

Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law Vernon Jarrett, a communist propagandist for the Soviets, was placed on the FBI’s Security Index. The Security Index was a secret list of individuals to be immediately arrested should any disruption break out between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

Vernon Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis simultaneously worked as writers at the radical Chicago Defender newspaper.

Valerie Jarrett’s own father Dr. James Bowman was deemed a Soviet subversive by the FBI. Dr. Bowman, like Vernon Jarrett, was in touch with Soviet spy Alfred Stern.

The Jarrett family’s extensive connections to Alfred Stern provide further evidence that President Obama is affiliated with a long-standing Soviet espionage cabal.

Any question about Stern being a Soviet spy dissipated when he fled the U.S. in 1956 to Prague before moving to the Soviet Union and Cuba.

Dr. Bowman left the U.S. military in 1955 and moved to Iran, claiming that racism and pay disparity had forced him to seek employment in Iran.

Stern was subsequently charged with espionage in absentia in 1957.

President Obama refers to Valerie Jarrett as “family.”

Frank Marshal Davis, another member of President Obama’s “family,” was also placed on the FBI’s Security Index.

Davis was CPUSA member #47544 and was a suspected KGB agent. Davis was Barack Obama’s Hawaii mentor.

(Well, that could explain a lot)

Excerpt from CLUES UNLOCK OBAMA I.D. MYSTERY: FBI Soviet spy files, SUBUD cult, and a dead body

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