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Affirmation: The Inconvenient Truth of Scandalous Actions


Some people have made a pretty good living off their brothers misery. 

So, are those preconditioned to be victims  “outraged” about everything? Being part of a problem is not in any way a solution.

Scandal refers to disgraceful, shameful, or degrading acts or conduct that brings about disgrace or offends the moral sensibilities of society. It can be any defamatory reports or rumors or malicious gossip especially slander that causes damage to reputation or character. Scandal can also refer to a libelous action or statement.

Carr: Obama legacy a big lie, let me count the ways

I’m proud of the fact that with two weeks to go, we’re probably the first administration in modern history that hasn’t had a major scandal in the White House.” ~ Barack Husein Obama (13 January 2017)

(Obama may not have had ‘a’ major scandal in the White House, but he had at least 633 of the we are now aware of.)

(Boston Herald)  Obama will make this incredible statement to be broadcast on “60 Minutes” tonight.

Can someone say Big Lie? There’s not room enough in this whole newspaper to list all the scandals, big and small, that have enveloped this most corrupt of all regimes in American history, modern or otherwise.

One website last week came up with 633, and they missed more than a few!

Just for starters, Hillary Clinton is probably beseeching him right now for a pardon, given the crimes she committed as his highest-ranking Cabinet official. Ya think Hillary’s a little concerned now about the deplorables?

Here are a few others Obama and his courtiers have apparently forgotten:

• Benghazi, and the video lie.

• Fast and Furious, the assault-rifle-running scheme to Mexican drug cartels that left at least two Americans dead.

• “If you like your doctor … .”

• Congress allowed to exempt itself from Obamacare.

• Cash for Clunkers.

• Shovel-ready jobs that weren’t.

• The Mideast “apology tour,” where he referred to America’s “Muslim founding fathers.”

• Solyndra and any number of other phony-baloney companies run by Obama money bundlers that took billions in taxpayer funds and then went belly-up — no prosecutions, nothing.

• ISIS is the “J.V.,” and Obama admits he has “no strategy” to deal with them.

• Department of Labor uses stimulus funds to run ads on MSNBC shows run by administration parrots Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

• The Veterans Administration.

• Obama sycophant Gov. Terry McAuliffe funnels $500,000 to wife of FBI agent in charge of investigation of Hillary Clinton email-server scandal.

• Little Sisters of the Poor sued because of their opposition to abortion.

• Administration surveils Fox News reporter James Rosen, tapping his phones and reading his emails.

• Sneers at law-abiding citizens as “bitter clingers.”

• Signs an executive order allowing millions of criminal illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. after saying publicly 22 times that it would be unconstitutional for him to impose such an order.

• Pay to play, at the Clinton Foundation and everywhere else.

• Refuses to prosecute New Black Panther Party thugs in Philadelphia for voter intimidation.

• Appoints the first attorney general cited for contempt of Congress.

• Second attorney general secretly meets with husband of target of major federal criminal probe days before the case is broomed.

• Billions in payoffs to bloodthirsty Iranian mullahs, creating failed states in Libya and Syria, the “red line,” the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, unvetted immigrants from terrorist hotbeds.

• Bowe Bergdahl — Army deserter traded for five Muslim terrorists.

• Massive violations of the civil rights of Tea Party members by the left-wing hacks at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

• Appoints an admitted tax cheat, Tim Geithner, as treasury secretary, making him boss of the IRS.

• Boundless contempt for law enforcement and endless anti-cop rhetoric, starting with the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” and never stopping.

• Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry.

• Huddles dozens of times in the White House with racial arsonist and tax cheat Al Sharpton.

• Describes Muslim terror attack at Fort Hood in which 13 Americans were murdered by a Palestinian as “workplace violence.”

• Runs up more deficits than the previous 43 U.S. presidents — combined.

• Pardons or commutes the sentences of scores of machine-gun toting drug dealers — while demanding crackdowns on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

• Refusal to call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists.

• His EPA dumps millions of gallons of toxic waste from the Gold King Mine disaster into the Animas River in Colorado — an environmental disaster totally ignored by his worshipful stooges in the news media.

• White House identifies New England state as “Road Island,” Obama says “Austrian” is spoken in Austria, pronounces corpsman as “corpse-man,” brags that America built the “Intercontinental Railroad,” says he’s been to “50 of the 57” states, misspells Syracuse as “Syracus” while picking his Final Four brackets, and upon landing in Hawaii says it’s good to be back in “Asia.”

• Spends at least $350,000 in public funds trying to “rig” the Israeli elections against conservative Bibi Netanyahu.

• Adds 12 million layabouts to the food-stamp rolls.

• Says nothing as his vice president — his “brother,” as Obama describes him — publicly gropes a number of women of all ages at the White House.

Out of space, but just think, Obama still has more than 100 hours left to continue taking his wrecking ball to the United States of America. How many more disasters can he foist on us between now and his ejection Friday at noon?

[Byline Howie Carr]

(Edited excerpt) Read full article at

15 January 2017
Boston Herald

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four (1890)

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“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” ~ African Proverb.

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He said the Obama administration is made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Garrow said it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals. This is why all of Obama’s education records have been permanently sealed. (That would explain a lot.)

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Reality check:

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And finally (or not), another interesting a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama farewell statement about the future:

But what we’ll be most interested in is programming that helps the next Michelle Obama or the next Barack Obama, who right now is sitting out there and has no idea how to make their ideals live, isn’t quite sure what to do – to give them resources and ways to think about social change.”

‘Programming,’ as in socialprogramming is a very interesting and revealing choice of words or is it the usual Freudian slip.


The process by which the ideas, concepts and beliefs of the society in which we live are ingrained into our psyche. The process is usually by authoritative decree or by assimilation.

The ideas, concepts and beliefs of our social environment that become ingrained in our psyche.

parapraxis (Freudian slip):

a faulty act (as a Freudian slip) of purposeful behavior

In psychology, a minor error held to reveal a subconscious motive; an action in which one’s conscious intention is not fully carried out, as in the mislaying of objects, slips of the tongue and pen, etc.: thought to be generally due to a conflicting unconscious intention.  (also par·a·prax′ia)

The ‘programming’ continues,  America just spent 8 years with a (half) black (race mongering) president. For many African Americans, it meant one big thing: freedom to ‘dream’

What kind of ‘freedom;’ what kind of ‘dream;’ how about this?

Obama’s Lawsuit Against North Carolina Isn’t About Civil Rights. It’s About Crushing Dissent

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