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Bitter Clingers still devouring left-overs from the past


“So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.” — George Orwell, Inside The Whale, 1940

The Congressional Black Caucus is the most ridiculously corrupt part of an already corrupt Congress. A study two years ago found that a third of black congressmen had been named in an ethics probe during their careers. 5 of the 6 members under review by the House Ethics Committee that year were CBCers. In 2009, every single member of Congress under investigation was from the same old gang.

Like the Clinton Foundation, the CBC exists to trade money for influence. The Caucus takes in tens of millions from major corporations and spends it on parties for its members and funnels the rest into fake non-profits. Even the minority scholarships endowed with great ceremony as a way of providing opportunity to their underprivileged constituents have a way of going to their own children and friends. (See “Race Card for Dollars” game)

 A pack of Ghouls having a nice meal in the graveyard.

A pack of Ghouls having a nice meal in the graveyard. Image: Carlos García Rivera, Artista y Diseñador Digital

When men like Ben Carson or Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. stand up to the CBC machine, the machine strikes back because excellence in black leadership is the biggest possible threat to its thievery. The Congressional Black Caucus seeks to perpetuate the idea that the best black leadership is corrupt and incompetent. It deliberately provokes disgust and then uses that to further isolate the black community behind the wall of its corruption and distrust. If that wall were to ever come down, if it were suddenly clear that there were alternatives to the forty thousand thieves of the machine, the urban political machine would fall apart.

Excerpt from America Is Being Run Just Like Baltimore

[Byline Daniel Greenfield]

01 June 2015

“In certain basic respects – a totalitarian state structure, a single party, a leader, a secret police, a hatred of political, cultural and intellectual freedom – fascism and communism are clearly more like each other than they are like anything in between.” ~ Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Associate Professor of History at Harvard New York Times Magazine

In a throwback to the kumbaya past of many House members, and community agitators such as John Lewis, who sees any thing he happens to disagree with at the moment, as worthy of some good ol’ agitatin’ in violation of House rules or commonsense.  As Lewis has previously stated, “now is the time to get in the way.  The time to act is now.  We will be silent no more.” This has become his and his cohorts mantra as they exhume the past, consume it, and leave the waste for others to clean up.

Their modus operandi is and always has been to make noise – as loud and as often as they can.  With the Democrat-Propaganda Complex in their back pocket, they have never been silenced.

The Black Caucus now looks deeply troubled and ethically questionable, often using the respect and power of public office to shake down the public — and then using its minority status to call foul on those who complain.

The caucus blames “racism” for the ethics cloud that follows it more than any other group in Washington. ~IBD

Speaking of agitators, famed civil rights activist Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) told NBC, “Sometimes you are moved by history.”  It’s clear that the history that moves the Democrats is the history of the ’60s – when they were actually on the wrong side.  The war they forced to an end resulted in the deaths of millions in Cambodia and the displacement of millions of Vietnamese and cast America as a paper tiger (a reputation she found hard to shake and, sadly, continues to live up to).  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 they claim was theirs wasn’t.  The drug and free love environment they embraced left America a cultural shell of its former self: hippy/yuppy parents gave birth to generations of children with record numbers of learning disabilities and behavioral and addiction issues; high divorce rates and blended families with offspring from multiple couplings gave rise to generations riddled with low self-esteem and depression; rampant fatherlessness left voids filled by increased drug abuse, criminal activity, out-of-wedlock births, and promiscuity; and the obliteration of gender differences by the feminist movement pushed men to the side, marginalizing their role in families and communities.  Free love destroyed marriage and gave us gender confusion instead.  The list is endless.

[Byline Sally Zelikovsky]
Edited excerpt from The American Thinker, 23 June 2014

In the study of political traitors and collaborators, it is found that most of them shared two common characteristics: they were easily influenced by minds stronger than their own, and none of them would admit their disloyalty as an act of treason. The traitors interviewed most always volunteer innumerable justifications of their behaviors, always surrounded their treachery with a complicated web of sophisms and rationalizations. Actually, they could not tolerate an objective picture of their actions. If they did, they would condemn themselves out of their own mouths. Unconsciously, tormented by guilt feelings, most realize the nature of their crimes; those guilt feelings would have been unbearable if they admitted, even to themselves, the enormity of their deeds.

The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing” (1956). Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D.

Delusions are irrational beliefs, held with a high level of conviction, that are highly resistant to change even when the delusional person is exposed to forms of proof that contradict the belief.

Hate Personified

John Lewis Disgraces Himself

If a good man turns bad, are we required to pretend, for the rest of his life, that he is still good? Do such a man’s earlier good deeds render him strictly off-limits from any and all subsequent criticism until the end of time? Is he entitled to be revered indefinitely as a hero, an icon, or a saint, even if he has spent the past half-century proving himself to be a vile race-baiter, an ally of America’s enemies, and a liar who repeatedly bears false witness against his fellow man?

When replacing one name with any variety of others holding same nature, the hierarchy revealed by such an inquiry will not change.

As for the media’s influence, and  more willful ignorance by useful idiots following their leader, recall  ‘Media mind control: Powerful video shows how media created ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ lie.’ This happens all the time. It’s called Social Justice reflux disease.

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