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No precognition required …


If there is one thing this 2016 election cycle has done, it has ferreted out many of the crypto-Marxists and communists who have been hiding themselves behind the mask of ‘being’ a democrat. Not only has it unmasked them, it has fully exposed exactly who they are, what they really stand for, and what their agenda for America truly is, and has been.

For example:

Barack Obama and his administration has turned loose over 100 accused Islamist terrorists being held for their heinous crimes committed against America and Global citizens. They were securely incarcerated in the high security Guantanamo Bay Military prison; the release equates to some 75 percent of the inmates being held there. According to statistics published by the Pentagon, the U.S. intelligence community reports that the number of released Gitmo inmates who return to terrorism has doubled since July 2015.

Since the “DoD has reduced the detainee population by nearly 75 percent, from 242 detainees, in January 2009 to 59 today,’ (which covers Obama’s term in office), the Obama administration claims that “(they) remain convinced that the responsible closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay will benefit our national security,” even though the released Gitmo inmates who returned to terrorism doubledReally?  (emphasis added). Washington Free Beacon (05 January 2017).

This should come as no surprise since early in Obama’s term in office he laid claim the he would indeed ‘stand with them’ should the political winds turn ugly. However, the descriptive adjective ‘ugly‘ becomes truly an understatement when considering the scale of damage Obama and his administration has done during his political tenure as America’s first mongrel president. Post ‘Peace Prize‘ aside.

The fact that these unmasked crypto-Marxists and communists have also convinced others to release some 82,288 Criminals Illegal Immigrants, back into the public sector, from 2013 To 2015 is ‘unprecedented’. (Maria Sacchetti, “Criminal Immigrants Reoffend At High Rates Than ICE Has Suggested,” The Boston Globe, (6/4/16)

They have also allowed and are culpable for the 231,074 crimes (many of them violent) committed by many of those same illegal immigrants after their being released from prison, including the 2,166 illegal immigrants who had served their time for various crimes but were released last year when their home countries refused to take them back., (1/16/17)

Certainly this is just one of many examples of how these subversive communist infiltrators and agent provocateurs intended to help fundamentally transform America, or perhaps to destroy it first and rebuild it in their own corrupt image. Certainly no precognition was needed to see this coming.

Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D., in his book The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing, (1956), provides a more than adequate description and characterization of Obama and the minions he has surrounded himself with.

The Traitor who consciously takes option for the other side

In the study of political traitors and collaborators, it is found that most of them shared two common characteristics: they were easily influenced by minds stronger than their own, and none of them would admit their disloyalty as an act of treason. The traitors interviewed most always volunteer innumerable justifications of their behaviors, always surrounded their treachery with a complicated web of sophisms and rationalizations. Actually, they could not tolerate an objective picture of their actions. If they did, they would condemn themselves out of their own mouths. Unconsciously, tormented by guilt feelings, most realize the nature of their crimes; those guilt feelings would have been unbearable if they admitted, even to themselves, the enormity of their deeds.

. . . . .

An enemy ideology, with its perverted political methods, tries to supply the weak, the ambitious, the disgruntled, and the frustrated with a ready-made set of bogus ideals to justify surrender to their side.

‘Why would you abandon America?’

But I regress.

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