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The Matrix of Society – Why are there …


no African hyphenated Haitians, Jamaicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Caribbeans, Mexicans, Central Americans, Bahamians, Bermudians, Japanese, Indians, Chinese, Europeans, etc., etc.? Surprisingly, it is usually not until they immigrate to America that so many are encouraged to replace their own dark(er)-skin nationalities with an African or other hyphenated American one instead.  Is it the pigment of the skin that causes such a crisis to fully identify with the new country they have chosen to migrate to, or could it be something more nefarious?

History and heritage are good things, and for the most part provide a culturally healthy environment when properly shared with the rest of the population, rather than being forced upon it. However, problems arise when there is a misguided desire to return or discard all the new opportunities that are given, back into old outdated conditioning and past oppressions that were purposely left behind in the first place; sometimes for hundreds of years and/or multiple generations ago.

For the most part, social progress does move forward, not by special privileges, but by positive collaborative improvements, not by moving backwards, and ripping open old wounds and injuries that have been in the process of healing, and then to purposely and deliberately keep infecting them.

Of course there is an assimilation learning curve we all must contend with, work together to improve, and which directs us to positively move toward more unity and social harmony. However, and for some reason, there always seem to be those more than willing to exhume stinking corpses from the graves of the past, and feed off of them while they display them in order to show that any form of social harmony and unity will not, or does not succeed. Let it be known, These are not the ones we have been waiting for.

What this boils down to is who will be given the reigns of power to ‘encourage‘ rather than ‘program‘ malleable minds for a free and independent future, rather than enslaving them in a drab, destructive dystopian gulag, imprisoned without freedom to think freely or independently and stifled by draconian, regulated control of any and all future opportunity.

What evil lurks in the hearts of those who wish to exploit the people? Those living in the shadows know.

Men are principals, not merely instruments…. Providence directs rational creatures for the welfare and growth of the individual person, not just for the advantage of the race…. Actions have a personal value, and are not merely from and for human nature. -—St. Thomas Aquinas

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