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Terrorist bobcat attacks 4, terrorizes resort town in Arizona

PHOENIX (AP) — People flock to the Arizona desert town of Sedona for its tranquility and relaxation. But tranquility turned to terror after a terrorist bobcat attacked residents and pets.

Authorities killed the terrorist animal after it injured four people, a dog and a house cat in three separate attacks last week in Sedona.

A claim has been made that some people, as well as, local dogs and cats were discriminating against the terrorist feline because of it’s species. As recently as last week, the Sedona Animal Control Authority came under fire by the Obama administration and animal civil rights activists for its initial attempts to detain and deport the animal prior to it’s rabidization.

Animal Lives Matter” groups have indicated they have lodged a complaint and will hold a local civil disobedience march and protest for the brutal action taken by animal control authorities against the alleged innocent creature.

The White House has been silent on the matter and so far, and as of yet, no other terrorist animal groups have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Radicalized Cats For The Islamic State

File: ISIS Cat Photo op. Radicalized Cats For The Islamic State. Image:


Note: This report has been edited to assure its newsworthiness is in line with present liberal democratic political standards.

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