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Cultural Extinction Protocol


Most Primate Species Threatened With Extinction, Scientists Find

Our fellow primates are in trouble.

Huaorani hunting monkeys

Life among the monkey hunters: To Western eyes it might seem cruel but for the Huaorani hunting monkeys is really no different to British people hunting pheasants or rabbits. Image:

“There are cases where you can bring them back from the brink. But the immensity of the destruction of tropical forests makes it very difficult.”  Sadly, it isn’t the human species that is being referred to here.

It has been said, ‘To destroy a people, destroy their culture.’

Life among the monkey hunters

Life among the monkey hunters: Ecuador is home to 300 species of monkey, none of which are endangered. The monkeys eat the forest’s vegetation Image:

“We know a lot but we don’t know everything, we like to think we know everything but we don’t” ~ Steve Quayle

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