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The Recycled Ameriphobic Spin Cycle – follow the meme and the money


Meanwhile, as a Brave New World dawns and the media continues embarrassing itself…

There is an old saying, “America Love It or Leave It.” Ameriphobes threaten to leave it all the time, but it never happens, Why? What nation do they wish to be First and why haven’t they immigrated? Thought so.

Here is the Inaugural Address (verbatim). What is it that the media supposes to be so offensive to the American audience?  Seriously. Read it and then decide for yourself.

What is it the opposition’s liberal identity-sycophants have, along with their trademark vitriol and infectious recycled spin cycle, and their selfserving bias of how they think everyone else should see the recent positive rhetoric Americans are now not only hearing, but also beginning to experience? Sadly but not surprisingly, one of these dejected minion versions goes something like this:

Maddow: Trump’s Speech ‘Militant,’ ‘Dark,’ ‘America First Has ‘Dark Echoes’ of Anti-Semitism and Nazism

ABC News’ Terry Moran: Trump Inauguration Speech Had ‘Anti-Semitic Overtones’

Matthews: Trump’s Speech What Putin Has Been Saying, ‘America First’ Has ‘Hitlerian Background’

Ashley Judd at DC March: ‘Hitler in these streets, new gas chambers’

Ironically, secure behind his fortified enclave the Pope warns against populism and ‘saviours’ like Hitler

Notice the almost identical narrative?

Finally, proving that character is no longer important to some, and social psychosis is a contagious liberal disease; The media’s bias and hate speech continues to stir the caldron of a volatile witches brew.

Here is the meme the anti-American, patriotphobic Trump opposition continues to propagate: That his acceptance speech personifies him as “Hitler” or a “Nazi.” See Godwin’s Law.

So, what is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Ameriphobic CAIR-DNC sponsorship of the Women’s March? Turns out, it’s quite significant. Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington. At the least this should not be a coincidence, what better way to further the exploitation of women than have them dress up as sock puppets?

Also, it should hardly be any surprise that such transference might occur, especially since it is well documented that Soros says he feels no remorse for his youthful collaborating with the Nazis during WWII.  No ‘Anti-Semitic Overtones’ there.  So, without being intellectually dishonest, take a moment to think about this, who is really being hoodwinked?


DNC Chair Candidates Bash White People in Racially-Charged Forum — ‘My job is to shut other white people down’

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World

It should be obvious, the fourth estate has now become a fifth column.

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