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What would Winston Smith do?


From An ungood reading of Orwell


Orwell (who died in 1950, not long after 1984 was published) was a man of the center-left, which is to say he would have been pretty much a mainstream conservative today.  What he would have found frightening and insidious is the imposition of politically correct speech in the decades following his death.  Since 1950, leftist politicians, academics, and reporters have imposed draconian codes, explicit and implicit, that have in fact become the totalitarian Newspeak that Orwell warned against.

Indeed, it is laughable for media outlets like the Post to compare Conway’s “alternative facts” to Orwell, when their own policies and practices mimic Orwellian Newspeak on a daily basis.  The Post and other mainstream media outlets gleefully coined the term “White Hispanic” to describe George Zimmerman, who shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense.  It incessantly warns of “climate change,” a politically charged neologism used to replace the discredited “global warming”; it uses the Newspeak term “denier” for someone who disagrees.  The Post officially refuses to identify the name of the local NFL sports franchise, the Redskins, even though the supposed basis for the policy, that it is offensive to Native Americans, was twice proven false.

The left’s politically correct Newspeak is omnipresent and coercive, in ways that 1984’s hero Winston Smith would recognize: affirmative action a euphemism for racial preferences, replaced by diversity, which is the same thing; man-caused natural disaster is Islamic terrorism; the biological fact of sex becomes the social construct of gender; sensitivity training is politically correct Newspeak of political re-education, and so on.  This list of politically correct terminology could come out of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, and it bears an unsurprising similarity to his fictional examples of totalitarian Newspeak.

Objecting to this Newspeak can cost a person his or her job, education, or liberty.  We haven’t yet reached the point of putting people’s heads in cages with rats, but plenty of people have suffered under the tyranny of the left’s language police for decades now.


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[Byline Jonathan F. Keiler]

01 February 2017
American Thinker

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