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There are a plethora and steady diet of media headlines that support this, and sadly enough, most of them originate within America itself,  being ‘triggered‘ by leftist, socialist/communist political factions, they have not only validated, but more than proven the most ridiculed and archaic McCarthyistic ideas.

Question is, why haven’t these individuals and/or groups migrated to the very locations that is more attuned and suited to their sympathies, and where they would be much more comfortable wallowing in their collective ideological pig’s sties instead of remaining in America, crapping, slinging mud, and polluting everyone else’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness?

Perhaps, its because elsewhere they would incur severe penalties for such regime-destructive thoughts, and actions, or maybe not. However, North Korea, Afghanistan, and Indonesia do come to mind. But at the least there would be the opportunity to continue to build and live, or die, in that fabulous utopian fantasy their delusional apocalyptic minds have constructed.

So, why aren’t they doing this?

Thought so.

The wheels on the bus go round and round…”

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