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More on Maxine Waters …


She’s come undun like the rest of them.



 “Some people without any brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?” … “Well, I suppose they do.”

Maxine Waters has really come unhinged!

LaWanda Page Characterized as Maxine Waters

Some people with big heads and nappy hairdos have surprisingly small brains.

Maxine Waters, who is notoriously corrupt and who has not accused Trump of breaking any laws, nonetheless continued to bark about impeachment.

If ethics were in any way to be considered from this perspective, we might discover…

“Public corruption by our elected officials and their associates undermines the American public’s confidence in our government,” … “When our elected officials and their associates violate the law and create sophisticated financial schemes to enrich themselves, the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation, will work diligently with our fellow law enforcement partners to restore the public’s trust.”

Maybe Ms Waters is an alumna of the Corinne Brown school of political ethics. –Just sayin’

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