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Nuclear Research and Test Reactor Event: University of Missouri Reactor (I-131 Instantaneous Release)


Nuclear Event in USA on Friday, 03 February, 2016 at (time unreported) [CST].


“[The following] is a required notification per MURR [University of Missouri Research Reactor] Technical Specification (TS) 6.6.c.(1) to report to the NRC Operations Center that an Abnormal Occurrence as defined by MURR TS 1.1.b occurred on February 3, 2017. Specifically, MURR was not in compliance with the Limiting Condition for Operations TS 3.7.b.

“On February 3, 2017, MURR released the radioisotope Iodine-131 from the ventilation exhaust stack at a concentration equal to 1.07 times AEC [Air Effluent Concentration] which exceeds the one (1) AEC Maximum Controlled Instantaneous Release Concentration for ‘Particulates and halogens with half-lives greater than 8 days’. The Iodine-131 originated from the MURR Iodine-131 Processing Hot Cells, not from the reactor. By February 4, 2017, the ventilation exhaust stack radioisotope concentration was within TS limits.

“Currently, all Iodine-131 processing activities have ceased and will not resume until corrective actions are implemented and permission from the Facility Director is obtained. MURR has convened an Event Review per MURR procedure AP-RR-026 to identify the causes and corrective actions for this departure from specification.

“A detailed event report will follow within 14 days as required by MURR TS 6.6.c.(3).”

Source: NRC  Event Number: 52536

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