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Proving the point to all of America (and the world)


In view of the biased MSM reporting, along with the recent Grammy’s for elitists and other such awards, normal, average, everyday Americans are discovering exactly who these obnoxious leftists, fascists, and totalitarians are, that have been labeling ‘them’ as the one’s who are haters, etc.

As if it were something that was hidden, it is now revealed that …

They are the hate mongers and totalitarians.

They are the ignorant and limited in perspective.

They are the evil, parochial and uneducated.

They are the “Brown-shirts,” and the New KKK riding through the country again sponsored by Democrats and still performing terrorist acts as they wear their hoodies and masks.

They are fascists, attackers, maimers, haters, and murderers.

They are the ones thinking they are entitled to any and all others have and/or worked for.

and the list goes on and on…

Now in plain view, the psychological projection and transference of their own actions continue to expose them to the light of truth; mocking the members of this motley collection of pompous and lying political species, inept, withered hippies, unemployable millennial safe-space cases, and unlovable/unshaven libfeminists; melting down, and dressing up as genitalia as they spin around on their backs like the dying vermin they are.

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