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Propagandism = Mental Slavery


Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein ~

MSNBC Anchor: “Our Job” Is To “Control Exactly What People Think”

Remember this Media Personality?

During a lively discussion centered on fears that President Trump is “trying to undermine the media,” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski let slip the awesome unspoken truth that the media’s “job” is to “actually control exactly what people think.”

 SCARBOROUGH: “Exactly. That is exactly what I hear. What Yamiche said is what I hear from all the Trump supporters that I talk to who were Trump voters and are still Trump supporters. They go, ‘Yeah you guys are going crazy. He’s doing — what are you so surprised about? He is doing exactly what he said he is going to do.'”

BRZEZINSKI: “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job.”

As grabien points out, the comment failed to raise any eyebrows from her co-panelists. Instead, her co-host, Joe Scarborough, said that Trump’s media antagonism puts him on par with Mussolini and Lenin…

[Byline Tyler Durden]

22 February 2017
Zero Hedge

Yellow journalism redux

“Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” –Adolf Hitler


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The Dumbing Down of America – By Design

Education Enabling Cultural Decline

Trying to have a rational discussion based on facts with a College of Education graduate who uses Common Core teaching methods, how children learn, and the dumbing down of America’s education, is like trying to reason with a petulant child who happens to be a member of the Communist Party USA.

As soon as the subject returns to a free atmosphere, the hypnotic spell is broken. Dissociation and temporary nervous repercussions take place, like crying spells, feelings of guilt and depression, etc. An expectation of a hostile environment, in view of having yielded to the manipulator’s indoctrination, may fortify this reaction. Thus, the period of brainwashing and manipulation becomes a nightmare. Only those who were staunch members of the resistance before may stick to it. However, here, too, observation reveals that if the manipulators impose their mental pressure too well they will convert their former subjects into eternal haters of freedom. ~ Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D.

“Know Thyself, Know Thy Enemy”

The person who has no mind of their own can easily become the pawn of would-be tyrants.

Words of wisdom:

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. … Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. …You will know them by their fruits. — NKJV

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