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Here is the difference …


What dominates our thoughts dominates our power to succeed or to fail.  How we ‘think’ and what we choose to ‘believe‘ about ourselves determines how we will ‘feel‘.  If we constantly focus our thoughts and actions on sinister and nefarious expectations or dire events and things that might happen, it only generates more insecurity and robs us of power while directing us toward mentally creating the very conditions we may fear.

Our thought process is vital to many of the conditions we face in life. We can have either confidence and success or insecurity and defeat. It is a personal choice we alone are responsible for. Therefore our personal power is the result of our cognition and the psycho-social personalities and attitudes we have chosen to accept and the environment we choose to be stimulated by.

Whatever you are led to believe, and/or accept as a truth, is what you will likely do and become. Don’t let another determine for you, who or what you are, because that relinquishes to them the power to enslave and eventually destroy you and those around you.  There are many ‘diverse‘ choices on the difficult path toward maturity and wisdom, you will make mistakes, learn from them, and choose your thoughts and actions wisely your life will depend on it.

So take some time, look around you. Think about who exactly, are you giving your power to? Or are they stealing it from you? Is it building or destroying, defeating and enslaving you to someone else’s ideology? Does it label and negate you? Or is it truly freeing you to independently choose, succeed and have the liberty to make your own choices?

There are many an individual crawling through life on their hands and knees, grovelling, defeated and afraid, plagued by difficulties and decisions that are draining their energy and leaving them spent and without self-confidence. Therefore, reappraise yourselves and embrace an attitude of reasonableness, because you are less defeated than you think you are.

Do you of little or false faith easily get offended and blame others for your own bad choices and actions?

To endure has nothing to do with exceptionalism. Nothing to do with victory. Nothing to do with crushing one’s enemies. Endure is what victims do. It is a place of few, if any, choices, as when one is a prisoner of war. And in a way, symbolically, isn’t that what we’ve become, (especially over the past decade)?

If so, that my friend, is the difference …

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