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Winners, Whiners and Losers



(The Democratic Party), the weird occult, sexual aberration, violence, crime, mysticism, drugs, escapism, purposelessness, indulgence, apathy, human indignity, greed, terrorism, obscenity, …

Books, movies,television, magazines, newspapers, (social media), protests, parties, lifestyles …  all bombard us with stark brutality alluding to the new “realism” in our society.

What is “realism” but an illusion of reality? Investigative reporting has brought a new system of checks and balances, and social conscience to the leadership of the nation. However, beyond the factual revelation of the ills of society — in order that it might be improved — there is an alarming focus in every medium of human expression today on deviant behavior and the acts of a mentally deranged minority in the world.

So powerful and frequent are the slick, dramatic portrayals of the most revolting human biographies that society is methodically being transformed by example into a working model for Losers.

If one should dare revolt against the “revolting,” he or she is immediately branded as (racist, homophobic, xenophobic), or out of touch with the times. If there’s not enough violence, perversion, or porno … it won’t move the masses, sell the tickets or gain ratings any more.

For me, since life is a brief journey, I will not waste it joining the thundering herd who worship the golden calf, the four-letter word, (social orgies), or some Utopian cult of the twenty-first century, bored with all but the sensational, the morbid and the sickening … as if the decay and the destruction of ancient civilizations from social cancer served no purpose in history but to preview the ever-predictable “Losing Cycle” of coming human attractions.

We need not always lose and fall — Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, Romans, and Americans. Life is a fantasy of our own imagination. It can be a living nightmare or a living miracle … a Hell or Heaven on Earth.

For me, I prefer flowers over weeds — and natural beauty over invented placebo. I’ll pass the substitute euphoria of pot and coke, uppers and downers, (designers and synthetics) … for a walk near the tidal pools, a romp with kids and dogs, a sunset, a hang glider, and a two-mile jog at dawn. I will always love and cherish life.

For me, there is only time enough  to Win …

but no time at all to Lose!

Edited excerpt from; Waitley, Denis. The Psychology of Winning. Berkeley, 1984. ISBN 0425099997
All rights reserved.

Have you ever noticed, it is unnecessary for genuine winners to tell us they won? Losers on the other hand will make it an integral part of their failed ‘legacy’. …

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