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Revising history doesn’t always change the facts or the truth…


Southern U.S. History:

Does anyone consider that a ‘Demonized Confederacy’ is equated to be an evil conspiracy concocted by northern industrialists and democratic/republican carpetbaggers during Post Civil War Reconstruction?

Consider this semantic symbolism, ‘demon confederate’. This sort of misdirected projection and  imagery continues to evolve and deceive many, and has been going on for so long that it can be attributed to brainwashing several generations into believing that such false information is true; in contrast to any form of reality that may otherwise be conveniently hidden from view (faux, politically-corrected victimization, ‘evil‘ historic battle flags, southern heritage, state sovereignty, and so on., and so forth).

What might be the outcome of this type of destructive narrative? How about, ‘All slaves are equal, but some slaves are more equal than others.

Be careful of the plantation you have wished for, it may turn out to be ‘Manor Farm‘ after all.

Besides, if you were listening closely, this should sound familiar …

The lies we told you in the past are not the lies we want you to believe today. The lies we really want you to believe are the lies we are telling you right now!”

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