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So, at this point, what does it matter …


that a private citizen allegedly used an alias email account?

Rex Tillerson Allegedly Used An Alias Email To Discuss Climate Change While At Exxon

The New York Attorney General’s Office is investigating whether ExxonMobil made “significant misrepresentations” about the risks posed by climate change to its shareholders.

(Excerpt) Read more ‘Fake News’ at

During the time in question, ExxonMobil was being shaken down by the Obama administration, which they were resisting. Obama and his administration was using the SEC as a political weapon to threaten ExxonMobil, claiming that they were misleading their shareholders by not disclosing internal studies on climate change. ExxonMobil claimed the studies were proprietary, and the Obama SEC was claiming that it was proof of disputing “settled science” or something. No offensive video was blamed, no diplomats were murdered and advanced weapon caches were not transferred to enemy combatants in the process.

See, ExxonMobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General – NYT, (05 Nov 2015). Seems New York’s AG Eric Shneiderman has obviously been wasting the taxpayer’s money on ‘fake science’ for sometime now.

Now the fake media is suddenly concerned about an email and an “alias”? So, has the Ameriphobic ex-president Barry Soetoro Obama submitted a fraudulent social security number and birth certificate? Was aka Barack Hussein Obama simply a hoax?

What would happen if the fake news media were to actually reveal America’s fake president? Alas, the silence roars in the land of liberaltopian media. Elsewhere, not so much.

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