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They call it “Artificial” Intelligence for a reason…


Missing content? Look no further – Google adds Cacotopian tool to flag and censor what It deems as ‘offensive‘ search results

The degree of objective reality of an idea is the same as the degree of formal reality the object of the idea would have if it existed. — René Descartes

Google’s review teams are comprised of contractors known as “quality raters.” They are already gleaning websites and other content to flag questionable items they deem as political incorrect by their definition or disagreeable political “pornography” based on their standard of measure. Google has added a new category, “upsetting-offensive,” in its guidelines for quality raters. For example, content with “racial slurs or extremely offensive terminology” could now get flagged as such. For the “greater good” of course.

While flagging something doesn’t directly affect the search results themselves, it’s used to tweak the company’s algorithmic bias software so that better politically corrected program content ranks higher.

As expected, Google declined to comment on this change.

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Google is failing to remove virulent antisemitic content from its YouTube video platform in an apparent breach of its own guidelines and the law.

It seems that conveniently left out of the Google’s decision is the ‘awareness’ of “the possible biases involved in their design, implementation, and use and the potential harm that such biases can cause to individuals and society;” the possibility of an audit of the data, algorithms, and models that were involved in a decision that may have been harmful; the possibility for “redress for individuals and groups that are adversely affected by algorithmically informed decisions;” as well as the obligation for the organization to provide explanations of their processes and accountability for their validity. Though such notions may have been addressed, the resulting action observably indicate it is Google’s decisions alone that will assure us that individuals, organizations and businesses are operating to the Collective‘s” stealthy totalitarian advantage. See Algorithms’ Dark Side: Embedding Bias into Code

A person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them; A person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something; An ant captured in its pupal state by an ant of another species, for which it becomes a worker. (Constitutional implied consent) Oxford English Dictionary

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The psychopolitician has the advantage of naming as offensive any attempt on the part of an individual to expose commands.

The psychopolitician has his reward in the nearly unlimited control of populaces, in the uninhibited exercise of passion, and the glory of Communist conquest over the stupidity of the enemies of the People. — Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics

Statism: The brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the right to kidnap, imprison, harass, steal from and kill people so that they can be protected from people who kidnap, harass, steal and kill people.

New York Assemblyman and Psychopolitician Unveils Bill To Suppress Non-Government-Approved Free Speech

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