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All for one – One for himself: Venezuela’s Madurocide, Dictatorship, and Learned Helplessness


The insanity that rules Venezuela, is seeking to balance communism and fascism… This condition is the pinnacle of wealth redistribution, coming from a country holding a wealth of natural resources that have been so mismanaged it is now obviously in desperation and dire need for foreign cash.  Welcome to a reality based socialist dystopia.  Similarly, the Marxist socialistas behind America’s affairs are demanding the same thing, only its being called “liberal democratic socialism,” kidnapping the Constitution. our rights,  freedom and liberties fully defines their motives an intentions, as well as their agenda.

The use of Political Circuses and Kabuki theater to give them (or us) our daily bread, provides the diversion and cover to enable the regime to apply more destructive “subversive politics,” the Bread is going to cost them per slice, further proving to the people exactly how well Socialism works, or doesn’t.

Venezuela Muzzles Legislature, Moving Closer to One-Man Rule

IQUITOS, Peru — Venezuela took its strongest step yet toward one-man rule under the leftist President Nicolás Maduro as his loyalists on the Supreme Court seized power from the National Assembly in a ruling late Wednesday night.

The ruling effectively dissolved the elected legislature, which is led by Mr. Maduro’s opponents, and allows the court to write laws itself, experts said.

The move caps a year in which the last vestiges of Venezuela’s democracy have been torn down, critics and regional leaders say, leaving what many now describe as not just an authoritarian regime, but an outright dictatorship.


“They have kidnapped the Constitution, they have kidnapped our rights, they have kidnapped our liberty,” said Julio Borges, the opposition lawmaker who heads the body, holding a crumpled copy of the ruling before reporters on Thursday.

Oneida Guaipe, an opposition lawmaker from the country’s central coast, said the body would continue to do its work, even if its laws would now be ignored when it produced legislation. “This is demonstrating before the world the authoritarianism here,” she said. “The people chose us through a popular vote.”

[Excerpt] Read more — (NYT)

For instance, in December of 2014, Venezuela’s opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez compared Venezuela’s astonishing inflation rate to Zimbabwe’s. Consumer prices have risen 56% since Nicolas Maduro took power in 2013.  Now, Venezuelan consumer prices rose 800% in 2016 while the economy contracted by 18.6%. Many predict the rate will reach 1500-1600% in the near future.

In a post-Obama America, cost have risen ~ 25-30% or more depending on the item. But remember, ‘it takes a village’ or something, and of course, as certain group of American politicians claims, it is all fake and that shock to your finances we are all exeriencing, oh, its not true.

A Brief Totalitarian Timeline

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