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There’s those learned lessons again.


What’s in your mental wallet?


Malebolge is the name given by Dante to the eighth Circle of Hell, the only circle that has a proper name. Today it could merely be defined as politics. Image: by Wikimedia

The Malebolge

The eighth Circle of Hell is made up of 10 bolgia or ditches of stone.

Each bolgia represents a different form of fraud or deliberate act of evil.

(Today, it could well be defined as politics.)

Dante and Virgil travel between each bolgia by a creature called Geryon, a creature made of three bodies.  One is human, one is bestial and the last is reptilian.

Bolgia 1Panderers and seducers.  March in lines and are whipped by demons.

Bolgia 2Flatterers.  Soaked in human excrement, similar to the words they said.

Bolgia 3Simoniacs.  They are buried head first into the ground and flames burn the soles of their feet

Bolgia 4Sorcerers, astrologers and false prophets.  Their heads are twisted backwards to reflect their desire to see the future by forbidden means.

Bolgia 5Barrators.  Immersed in a boiling lake of tar.  This reflects their shady deals and dark secrets

Bolgia 6Hypocrites.  Forced to wear heavy cloaks of lead that demonstrates the fakeness of their surface appearance and actions

Bolgia 7Thieves.  Bitten by snakes and lizards that steal their identities gradually by transforming them into various forms.

Bolgia 8Evil counselors.

Bolgia 9Sowers of discord.  A demon wielding a sword hacks away at their body like they divided others in life.

Bolgia 10Falsifiers.  Dante describes them as “diseases” within society, and are afflicted with varying diseases.

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