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Combustion phenomena – Cremation Flash-fire Hazards


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‘Overly obese’ body starts funeral home fire

CINCINNATI — A “freak accident” started an unscheduled fire Wednesday night at the Hillside Chapel Crematory in Cincinnati, […]

The danger of fires when cremating obese bodies isn’t an entirely unknown issue for the funeral service profession: “As you may realize, when a morbidly obese person is cremated, there’s a danger of what can only be called (in layman’s terms) a ‘grease fire,'” according to Caleb Wilde, a licensed professional who runs the blog Confessions of a Funeral Director. […]

In October 2014, a Virginia facility caught fire while cremating a 500-pound body. Fire investigators there said excessive heat ignited rubber roofing near the crematorium’s smoke stack. Another fire, two years earlier in Austria, left firefighters “covered with a layer of sooty grease.”

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[Byline WCPO Staff]

Edited Repost, WCPO (All rights reserved,)
Retrieved 11:08 AM, 27 April 2017

Then again, “We are what we eat.”

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