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A hemlock cocktail – “tipping point into insanity.”


The knowledge is settled, or something.

To paraphrase Aristotle, as soon as a skeptic against truth opens their mouth, they contradict themselves and lose any right to be taken seriously.

See NYT’s relentless desire to redefine the meaning of truth.

Alas, The Socratic Method steals away like a thief in the night.

In his “Tale of Two Cities (2017),” Pope observes:

“Too often we collectively think that we have “come of age”, scoffing at previous eras as unenlightened, less intelligent, sexually immature, and repressed. We confuse technology with wisdom and conclude that because we can split the atom, have been to the moon, and carry incredibly advanced gadgets, that we can simply dismiss the collected wisdom of the ages. Ancient biblical and Church teaching, which has stood the test of time, is dismissed as irrelevant, even scoffed at as merely the teachings of ‘dead white men.'” – Monsignor Charles Pope

Today’s so-called “progressives,” with all of their domination of academia and Far Left politics, seem to fit into a category described in an essay by T.S. Eliot on Virgil:

“In our time, when men seem more than ever to confuse wisdom with knowledge and knowledge with information and to try to solve the problems of life in terms of engineering, there is coming into existence a new kind of provincialism which perhaps deserves a new name. It is a provincialism not of space but of time–one for which history is merely a chronicle of human devices which have served their turn and have been scrapped, one for which the world is the property solely of the living, a property in which the dead hold no share.”(Bold added for emphasis)

Without intellectual anchoring in the enduring ideas which provided the philosophical foundation of America’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution, their vain imaginations of superiority only expose their limited world view.

Yet, the America which rose from obscurity to greatness, from crude hoes and axes to putting a man on the moon, and from oppression by King George to a symbol of liberty for millions all over the world–that America provides shelter for them, even as they attempt to “change” her into something unimagined by the Founders, and ungrounded in Constitutional principles.

If they are allowed to succeed in their own little provincial experiment, their posterity never will know the “blessings of Liberty” proclaimed by the Preamble to America’s Constitution.  ~loveliberty2

Meanwhile in Chicagowhere liberalism lives and dies philosophy thrives, sort of.

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