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77% black births to single moms, 49% for Hispanic immigrants

More than three quarters of African American births are to unmarried women, nearly double the illegitimacy rate of all other births, according to new federal data.

The National Center for Health Statistics said that in 2015, 77.3 percent of non-immigrant black births were illegitimate. The national non-immigrant average is 42 percent, and it was 30 percent for whites.

The new numbers were in a Center for Immigration Studies analysis on the births to immigrants. That total is 32.7 percent, but to Hispanic immigrants it is 48.9 percent, according to Steven Camarota, the director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies. […]

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05 May 2017

Muslims were conveniently unaccounted for in this report due to the proliferation of inbreeding and rape.

bastard |ˈbastərd|

1 archaic or derogatory a person born of parents not married to each other.
2 informal an unpleasant or despicable person: he lied to me, the bastard!
– [ with adj. ] a person of a specified kind: the poor bastard | he was a lucky bastard.
– a difficult or awkward thing, undertaking, or situation: it’s been an absolute bastard of a week.

adjective [ attrib. ]
1 archaic or derogatory born of parents not married to each other; illegitimate: a bastard child.
2 (of a thing) no longer in its pure or original form; debased: a bastard Darwinism.
– (of a handwriting script or typeface) showing a mixture of different styles.


Middle English: via Old French from medieval Latin bastardus .
usage: In the past, the word bastard was the standard term in both legal and nonlegal use for ‘an illegitimate child.’ Today, however, it has little importance as a legal term and is retained today in this older sense only as a term of abuse.

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