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Losers … What is “realism” but an illusion of reality?


Truth based in reality is not an easy pill to swallow (at least for some).

“The refusal to come to terms with the way the world works is at the core of progressive philosophy. When the truth doesn’t turn out to be the liberal’s preferred truth, a series of mental gymnastics takes place to alter reality.”

(The Neo-Democratic Party), the weird occult, sexual aberration, violence, crime, mysticism, drugs, escapism, purposelessness, indulgence, apathy, human indignity, greed, terrorism, obscenity, …

Books, movies, television, magazines, newspapers, (social media), protests, parties, lifestyles …  all bombard us with stark brutality alluding to the new “realism” in our society.

Have you ever noticed, it is unnecessary for genuine winners to tell us they won? Losers on the other hand will make it an integral part of their failed ‘legacy’. …

“Her explanation for why she lost shows that the new Hillary is the same as the old Hillary….”

Explanations from Hillary and from her supporters:

The lack of energy among supporters and Hillary being the inevitable candidate again elected Trump.

People hating Hillary because she is so professional, so polished, such a wonderful lawyer, so brilliant, so good, so righteous, and so much better than us elected Trump.

Robby Mook selecting the wrong travel stops for Hillary and spending heavily in the wrong states elected Trump.

Hillary’s campaign team failing to hone her message and get voters to the polls elected Trump.

Bill Clinton’s appearance of an inappropriate meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch elected Trump.

Blatant sexism elected Trump.

The ugly stew of racism elected Trump.

Hillary’s lack of likability and lack of trustworthiness elected Trump.

Self-hating women elected Trump.

Evangelical, Catholic, anti-marriage equality, and anti-choice social conservatives elected Trump.

Misogyny elected Trump.

Hatred of Hillary Clinton at the FBI (how could anyone hate a lovable woman like Hillary?) elected Trump.

The Russians elected Trump.

Wikileaks elected Trump.

FBI Director Comey elected Trump.

Sinister outside forces elected Trump.

Whitelash elected Trump.

Democrat policies that favor the rich elected Trump.

Failure to talk to working-class white voters elected Trump.

FBI investigation elected Trump.

Email scandal elected Trump.

Men elected Trump.

Lower-level FBI agents pressuring their Director (because that’s how professional relationships work) elected Trump.

Tim Kaine gave Hillary Virginia, but he also elected Trump.

White women elected Trump.

Racists elected Trump.

Sexists elected Trump.

Rural voters elected Trump.

The working class voting against their own interests elected Trump.

Fake news elected Trump.

Facebook elected Trump.

Supermarket tabloids elected Trump.

Celebrity (The Apprentice) elected Trump.

White male resentment elected Trump.

Over-shaming Trump supporters elected Trump.

Rejecting Bernie elected Trump.

Reagan democrats elected Trump.

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein voters elected Trump.

Backlash against political correctness elected Trump.

There are many terrible reasons for President Trump’s victory, but there are two things that were not a factor. First, Hillary was the perfect candidate; nothing she did harmed her candidacy in any way. Second, President Trump was the worst candidate imaginable; nothing he did helped his candidacy at all, except with racists, sexists, bigots, and the rest of the basket of deplorables’.


Psychological decompensation refers to the loss of mental stability and self-control due to the failure of overtaxed coping mechanisms to handle stress.  The term decompensation is typically applied to breakdowns in individuals who are psychologically fragile in the first place.  For minds burdened with a fallacious self-image, unrealistic life expectations, or a distorted view of reality, heightened stress overwhelms the already brittle ego defenses, and raw psychic pain and rage flows unrestrained. –Deborah C. Tyler, Left without Conviction: Psychodynamics of Trump-Triggered Rage Decompensation

The Left’s Retreat into Fantasy

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