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Entitlement Worship


Entitlement Worship

Image: Western Rifle Shooters Association

“‘Principled’ and ‘small-government’ conservatism has devolved into the cargo cult of our age: small tribes of backwards losers isolated on ideological islands, thinking that as long as they pick a chieftain able to perfectly recite the magic spells while they chant and shake their totems and stick-mounted graven images of the Constitution at the sky, an Amazon drone will swing by a week later and drop it on their doorstep. It’s not that I necessarily desire something different from them, but I at least grasp that society, culture, and by extension government, are ongoing synergistic processes and that we can’t get there from here.”

— ArfCom commenter

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Many on Medicaid refuse to pay $1 for health care

What?  One dollar is a hardship?  Ten dollars is a hardship?  For people above the poverty line?  Are we to believe that most of those on this plan can afford, tattoos and piercings, cell phones and cable TV and cars and movies but not $10 a month for their own health care?

Of those who left the program after missing a payment, 61% who responded to a survey said they couldn’t afford to pay or were confused about the payment process.

What is bill?  What is envelope?  This is more confusing than showing an ID to vote!

Medicaid is simply a redistribution of income scheme.  It has created an entitlement class who feel they should contribute nothing to their health care costs, which is why the cost of a “free” good like health care has skyrocketed.  Perhaps liberals feel they should all be covered because greed is a preexisting condition.


Ed Straker via American Thinker

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