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The UK confronts Jimmy Carter’s Killer Rabbit with Holy Hand Grenade


This post is not meant in any way to make light of the tragic and serious impact of recent events which have occurred in the UK and elsewhere throughout the EU.  However, the failure to fully recognize and properly respond to the atrocious indoctrination it is now facing, usually after the fact, illustrates a blatant and grossly willful disregard of ignoring and failing to recognize the dire and dangerous conditions that have been allowed to germinate, incubate and fester there; thus reaping the results of which, such inept attitudes were eventually to generate.

Truth in satire may at times be humorous, yet it can also points us to the seriousness of not paying attention, and the turning of a blind eye to those claiming to protect us ‘for our own good‘ and their interest.

Monty Python-Killer bunny Holy Hand-grenade

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