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Bread and Circuses and Political Distraction


It becomes propaganda after the fact… That’s how it works.

The time and content  for the Two Minutes Hate has been expanded. See the amped up dung-slinging media headlines of today. They have deeper implications.

Attention whores, dhimmis, and useful idiots on parade.

31 May 2017

Oh wait for it! There’s more to come….


North American Islamic scholars have issued a legal ruling or “fatwa” in the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning victory and presidency, instructing the faithful on what to expect and how they should respond to shifting political realities… The fatwa is titled “AMJA Post-Election Statement: Principles and Roadmap.”  The AMJA’s Fatwa Committee is led by its senior member, the Egyptian-born radical Waleed Idris al-Maneese, imam of al-Faroq mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota, which has been attended by at least five Somali refugees who ended up being terrorists… (Keep in mind, they are represented by their dhimmis in the US Senate, in this case, none other than Al Franken.) edited –09 January 2017 | Worldnet Daily

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