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“Here it comes, ….”


The tendency to unmask the wrong enemy.

Worthy of repeating.

The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.
~ Occam’s razor

Delusions are dangerous, and more often than not, prove to be deadly distractions, but this is simply another “inconvenient truth” about misperceiving, and misccommunicating the realities of subversive ideology and the political purpose to provide safe spacesin which to destroy Freedom.

It is certainly apparent by now, some American and Western politicians and their cultists are more than willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to push their agenda. The timing, targets and conditions of sensationalized and propagandized events are incredibly, if not profoundly revealing, even for non-conspiracy theorists.

“Fear, fright, and intimidation may pass through long incubation periods and have extensive aftereffects on human thinking and the mind. The human brain is heavily burdened, and much time can elapse before the personality again finds the ability to stabilize itself. ”   ~ A.M. Meerloo M.D.

A clear and present danger:

The barbaric cultures of Mogadishu, Raqqa, Tehran, and Kabul are now prowling the streets of the West, how is that for “change?”

Consider the numerous acts of destruction originating from a person(s) refusing to properly identify themselves and the Rogue/Unconstitutional Departments that were allowed to form under the West and former American regimes.

When it comes to these radicalized agendas, their true intentions have nothing to do with immigration or the environment but everything to do with destruction of the United States and the West.

[A NOLA family resemblance: Video: Islamic State Destroys Statues, Burns Down Cathedral in Philippines]

Think, rationally not emotionally, but think.”

In this Kafkaesque-Orwellian nightmare, the statist herd believes it is above the law as it uses any excuse to steal your mind and your property.

We must make a choice, and a stand, either we can use the mind or be used by it.

… here it comes,
Here comes your nineteenth nervous breakdown
Oh, who’s to blame, that [group’s] just insane
Well, nothing I do don’t seem to work
It only seems to make the matters worse. Oh, please …
Edited from19th Nervous Breakdown
Keith Richards/Mick Jagger


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