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It’s not like there aren’t enough nitwits and morons in congress, or something. But …


It looks like many American citizen’s would know by now; America has been experiencing the effects of some of the most moronic, quasi-educated, undeniably illiterate, blatantly seditious, and outright treasonous representatives in its history.

In fact, one Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D., Texas), using the exact same cyber platform, called on President Donald Trump to resign Thursday in the wake of his criticized tweets as he fully exercised his First Amendment rights to counter-attaack his leftist political opponents and enemies.

In an appeal to like-minded, leftist liberal sycophants, Jackson Lee used her agenda rehearsed dog whistle style rhetoric as a platform to personally project her own distorted and delusional emotions with textbook parapraxis seen only in classical Freudian examples, and of course, the leftist political pursuits that usually occur during her diatribes against values she detests for everyone but herself and her political party.

“There’s a sense of hurt feelings,” she said. “Mr. President, bleeding from the face? You’re again attacking women, professional women? You’re calling someone a psycho with all of the individuals fighting for their lives, suffering from mental health needs? You’re attacking a woman, a professional woman, about her IQ?”  —  The Washington Free Beacon (edited)

If there was any doubt, recall these characteristic examples of Jackson Lee‘s many episodic political installments. Just remember she is not the only one. Because the U.S. President posts mean tweets, Democrat Leader Maxine Waters Wants President Trump Impeached AND Exiled.

Observable facts clearly show that Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has has also proven to be a polarizing and divisive figure amongst her constituents with her flamboyant hubris and personality and a penchant for getting in front of any and all cameras to prove her ineptitude. Following are some of the notable things she has said over her years as a representative of the government and a few other people in her district. Maybe that “D” really stands for something else entirely.

Related – Rep. Jackson Lee’s past buffoonery:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Bashes Trump at Tax March: ‘Are You Trying to Direct Us Into World War Three?’ – 17 April 2017

Sheila Jackson Lee Embarrasses Herself Trying to Stop Trump’s Certification – 07 January 2017

Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee gives WIKIPEDIA hell for leaking emails, on MSNBC – 22 October 2016

Rep. Jackson Lee: ‘We’ll Give President Obama a Number of Executive Orders’ – 04 February 2014

The Constitution Is 400 Years Old and More Pearls From Sheila Jackson Lee – 13 March 2014

Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said the border crisis is not a national security threat and is welcoming illegal immigrant children with candy – 04 July 2014

Yet this is but a small sample, and the world supposedly wonders about the level of the American government’s ineptitude?

Unfortunately, the disconnect runs rampant. For instance recall – FLASHBACK: Pelosi Says Obamacare Will “Create 4 Million Jobs, 400,000 Almost Immediately”…  (Video) Surreal listening to her gush over Obamacare before it was passed, literally everything she says did not come true, in fact, the exact opposite happened.  CBO Report Finds Obamacare Will Push 2 Million Workers Out of Labor Market Over Next 3 Years…

And so, many American citizens have now come to realize, that beneath the sequestered sanctum and halls of political pandering, there is indeed a Completely Insane Clown Caucus making critical decisions for our lives and freedoms. Sadly, we have also given some of them the power to be willfully dangerous and destructive to our people and our nation.

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